Wilsons Prom, Victoria

Wilsons Prom, simply spectacular

The Wilsons Promontory National Park (or more affectionately known as plain old “Wilsons Prom”) in Victoria had been on my wishlist for a while. I had read of the spectacular scenery, stunning coastlines and pristine beaches and I had a real hankering to visit. So when some good friends in Melbourne invited me down to Sandy Point, I leapt at the chance to visit.

Arriving in Sandy Point it was clear that everything I had read about Wilsons Prom was true – it is a beautiful, unspoilt and magical part of the country. The town that we were staying in is a typical, sleepy beach town, filled with holiday makers enjoying the glorious summer sun. The beach itself was large and sprawling, and hidden from view by mountains of sand dunes. I loved it because it meant when you were on it, you couldn’t see any signs of houses or any developments at all, it was just you and the beach.

One of the things that Wilsons Prom is most famous for is the iconic Squeaky Beach, so-called because of the way that the white quartz sand squeaks when you walk on it. It was a hot, sunny day, but we decided to start at Picnic Bay and take the coastal walk over to Squeaky Beach. We were rewarded in spades, with beautiful views in every direction. The walk itself was a nice easy coastal stroll, so well worth the walk.

Wilsons Prom – what a beautiful destination.


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