Quito, Ecuador

A fleeting visit to Quito

After getting back to Quito from the rainforest I didn’t have much time, so it was a whirlwind tour of Quito Old Town. Unfortunately the weather was not great and not long into our excursion it started to rain. The irony of having been in a rainforest fully prepared for rain, which never truly eventuated, and then arriving in Quito and having the heavens open, was not lost on me.

I started in Plaza Grande on a small walking tour of our own making. Like most other historic Latin American cities I have visited, the town is awash with churches. I decided early on that we didn’t need to visit them all, and as luck would have it I stumbled into the most ornate and spectacular church in all of Ecuador first pop Iglesia La Compañia de Jesús didn’t look much from the outside, but the imposing exterior hides a stunning baroque style interior.  The inside is absolutely spectacular. Built from 1605 to 1765, I learned that baroque style basically means it is liberally covered with gilt leaf, there are beautiful paintings on all the walls, and any remaining wall space is covered in beautifully painted intricate patterns.

I then wandered up La Ronda and weaved through the streets until I reached La Basilica, which was a completely different Gothic style. It didn’t seem very open, however I found a way in through the chapel and discovered an open door into the large church, which allowed a quick tour. I then sneaked back through the chapel, trying not to disturb the people worshiping and were back into the grey Quito drizzle looking for a taxi. The brief tour of the old town was over.


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