Celestum, Merida

Pink Flamingos in Celestum, Mexico

One of the things that I have always wanted to do is visit flamingos in the wild.  For me it was the real reason to come to Merida, as not far away is Celestum, an easy day trip. It was truly a beautiful sight.

I discovered that the flamingos themselves are white, but they eat shrimp for about 12 hours a day and the carrotene in the shrimp is what turns them pink, hence their gorgeous colour.

Seeing the flamingos in their natural environment was definitely a highlight, but during the trip we also saw other birds, such as white pelicans, grey pelicans, white herons as well.

If ever I had a reminder of the beauty, charm and adventure of our wonderful world, this was it.  It really was a dream come true to see it.

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