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Hiking in Sri Lanka – World’s End

As well as seeing tea growing in action and visiting a tea factory to see how my morning cuppa is made, the other main attraction of coming to the highlands in Sri Lanka is to go hiking in the hills, and World’s End was highly recommended. Not far away is the Horton Plains National Park. Because the mists roll in and blanket the views from about 9 or 10 in the morning, the idea is to get there early, and because it’s still a fair distance from Nurawa Eliya, that means a very early start. It’s about 30 or so kms away, and I travelled by tuk tuk with the gentlemanly Lalith. What an adventure that was! The roads are truly terrible, so many potholes and so bumpy. However it was definitely all worth it.

We left the hotel at 5.30 am, and finally got to the start of the trekking point by about 7.00 am. Then Lalith and I set off to see World’s End. It’s a 4km walk through the national park, and even if this was the only thing I saw I would’ve been happy. However once we arrived at firstly, mini-Worlds End, then on to Worlds End, the views over the valleys were truly breathtaking. Sitting there, drinking in the spectacular views, and enjoying an alfresco breakfast picnic prepared by my guesthouse, was a definite highlight of the trip so far. In the distance you could see the mists curling around the hills as they started to cover the mountains. I looked down and saw little Tamil villages nestled in the foothills. What a way to start the day.

From there we trekked on to the Bakers Falls, and continued to follow the trail which looped back to the entrance way – all up a 9.5km trail. Coming back we passed massive plains filled with rhododendron trees. I could imagine how stunning that view would look when they were all in flower. What an excellent way to start the day.



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