Helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon by helicopter

It was my first visit to Las Vegas,  and while there’s plenty to do on the famous Strip, top of my list was seeing the Grand Canyon.  I didn’t have a lot of time available, so a helicopter seemed the best way to do it.  It also fulfilled my inner princess and for a brief moment in time I was living the high life!

It’s a long drive from the city, around 450 kms away, and while day trips on buses are available, I highly recommend the Maverick sunset helicopter tour. It’s a great service, as you are collected from your hotel on the strip and then flown by helicopter to the Grand Canyon via Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, both incredible sights from the air.  It really is quite breathtaking, and although there were around half a dozen helicopters that buzzed in on convoy on our trip, it really did feel like a private tour.  We landed in the Canyon on Indian land, enjoying the majesty with a glass of champagne.  You’re then back in the helicopter and heading back to the bright lights of Las Vegas just as the sun is setting.  It’s exhilarating to fly above the flashing neon lights and see the city as it lights up ready for action for another night.

It was an extravagant treat, but was the highlight of my trip.



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