Views over Lima

Culinary adventures in Lima

We were on the homeward stretch and our journey took us via Lima. From what I had read, there wasn’t much to recommend the city, however I had read that the culinary scene was a world leader, and good food is always exciting.  We arrived mid-afternoon and my overwhelming impression was of greyness – grey skies, grey road and as we made our way to the hotel, grey seas. The perfect antidote was the variety and rich flavours of the local cuisine.

Views over Lima

Views over Lima


I had stumbled across The Lima Gourmet Company by chance on an internet search and as luck would have it they offered an evening tour. The time frame couldn’t have been more perfect – we arrived at our hotel at 3.30pm, pick up was at 4.30pm and for the next five hours we were fed and lubricated while being shown snippets of the city before our 9.00am departure.

Having collected all our diners, a total of five of us, our first stop was the beach at an upmarket bar and restaurant called Cala. Here we sat by the bar as Eduardo showed how to make the perfect Pisco Sour. We relocated to the lounge area to drink our cocktails and admire the view. We were literally on the waterfront, so much so that a large wave crashed and drenched one of the bar tables to much hilarity. It was a great place to watch the children having the surf lessons, and our conversations competed with the sound of the waves.

First Pisco Sour of the evening
Lima, Peru         Restaurant overlooking the surfersLima, Peru

With three shots in the Pisco Sour it certainly set us up for the evening, and now, mellow and relaxed, we headed to our next destination, amaZ, an Amazonian styled restaurant. We were greeted with another pisco based drink as well as a tasting selection of food: scallops, chicken, mixed rice, and more…. It was absolutely delicious. This was soon followed by a sampling of sorbet made from local fruits, and again, everything was delicious.

Delicious food!Delicious food!

By now no one was hungry, however the tour was only half way through. Next stop was Huaca Pucllana, looking out on some Incan ruins, lit up by spot lights. The atmosphere was beautiful. This was our official dessert spot, and although almost completely stonkered we struggled through a tasting platter of four mouthwatering tastes and flavours and yet more Pisco drinks. This time I tried the passionfruit flavoured Pisco Sour – I can recommend it for sure!

Lima, Peru


We waddled back to our transport but the tour wasn’t over yet. We had one more spot in the gorgeous historic area of Barranco. Luckily this time it involved a walk, and after all that time we definitely needed it! Our walk took us to a small casual restaurant where we had a Lucuma Smoothie. Lucuma is a local fruit, absolutely delicious which tasted just like butterscotch. We then wandered through the neighbourhood to soak up the atmosphere and then it was time to make our way back to our hotel.

If it hadn’t have been for the food tour we may have left with quite a different impression of Lima, but as it was, I came away thinking it a vibrant and lively city with lots of opportunity……. and spectacularly great food.

However all too soon it was time to leave. Adios Peru and grey old Lima – you weren’t so grey after all!

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