Dubrovnik – blue skies, red roofs


According to Google maps it was only 170 metres from where the taxi dropped me off to the apartment that was to be home for the next four days.  What soon became apparent was that Google did not take into consideration the tiny narrow laneways lined with cafes and restaurants; the steep, congested stone steps; […]

Discovering new cuisine in Myanmar


If you stop for a moment and imagine you are tasting a typical dish from Myanmar, what comes to mind?  If you’re anything like me, you can’t imagine much about the cuisine at all.  So what a wonderful surprise to discover such a diverse and delicious array of fresh and tasty food.  Influenced by its […]

Adventurous eating in Laos…or not

It wasn’t an auspicious start to my eating adventures in Laos when my guide, Po, brought up dogs. “Tourist always ask me,” he mentioned in passing, “do you eat dogs?” I didn’t really want to know the answer to this. “Of course we don’t eat our dogs…..we eat our neighbours’!” He laughed heartily at his […]

Eating and drinking in Japan

Food tour, Kyoto

I love getting to know different cultures and I don’t think that there’s a better way to do so than through food.  I got the perfect introduction to both Japanese food and sake through a tour that I had booked with Jason, an American from Minnesota who has been living in Kyoto with his Japanese wife for […]

Culinary adventures in Lima

Views over Lima

We were on the homeward stretch and our journey took us via Lima. From what I had read, there wasn’t much to recommend the city, however I had read that the culinary scene was a world leader, and good food is always exciting.  We arrived mid-afternoon and my overwhelming impression was of greyness – grey […]

Singapore – a Foodie’s Delight


I had the good luck to be visiting friends, who have recently relocated to Singapore, on my way to and from Cambodia. It wasn’t my first visit to Singapore, but my previous visit had been in 1997, for a mere 23 hours. Last time I stayed in a hostel so grotty I couldn’t face the […]

Cooking class in Sri Lanka

Beautiful fresh vegies

I was really keen to do a cooking class in Sri Lanka, because the first thing that you will notice when you visit is just how amazing and delicious the food is. It’s fresh, tasty, flavoursome and there’s huge variety on offer. The best thing is the basic “rice and curry”, however that is massively […]

Gourmet Goodness in Tasmania

Tasmania, gourmet goodness

Before I came to Tasmania I had noticed my local supermarket seemed to be sourced entirely from Tasmania. This was one of the reasons I was looking forward to visiting. You can’t come to “Gourmet Tasmania” and not be impressed with the local produce. Almost without exception, every meal we’ve had has been delicious, and […]

A foodies road trip to Orange

Orange, Australia

Orange is about 3 ½ hours west of Sydney, an area famous for wine and food. The perfect destination for any foodies.  The aim was to eat ourselves silly and wash it all down with delicious wine. It didn’t quite go to plan – we hadn’t factored in the New Year holiday season, and it turns […]

Cooking and markets in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

One of the things Oaxaca is famous for is its food, and particularly mole, which is a generic name for many different sauces, and so my first priority was to find a cooking class. This wasn’t hard to find, and within a few minutes over breakfast we were booked in to the Casa Crespo’s cooking […]