Ancient Rome – the Eternal City

Ancient Rome

Visiting Rome you can choose to visit any number of ancient sites, temples or churches  However one of the best things about the city is that you don’t really have to spend much money at all to enjoy it.  You can wander aimlessly and soak up the atmosphere of the cobbled laneways.  The thrill of […]

A visit to the Vatican

Vatican Museums Rome

The Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Basilica is a highlight for visitors to Rome.  It’s an overwhelming feast of the senses, a visual spectacular that simply can’t be missed.  This however means that on a bad day, there will be just you and 25,000 others traipsing through the corridors and crowding around the exhibits. Do […]

Switzerland the beautiful

Lucerne Switzerland

It was my first visit to Switzerland and while it might be a cliche, but it’s beautiful and I was completely bowled over by it.  The mountains, the lakes, the stunning green landscapes or the charming old towns.  It’s fresh, clean, picturesque at every turn. Zurich I only a few hours to explore Zurich. I […]

Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc

Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc will stay in my memory as one of the highlights of my life.  Starting in Chamonix, France, we walked to Switerland, then Italy before finishing back in Chamonix.  The scenery was amazing, at times breathtaking, and we were fortunate to have a dream run of beautiful summer weather.  The […]

Dubrovnik – blue skies, red roofs


According to Google maps it was only 170 metres from where the taxi dropped me off to the apartment that was to be home for the next four days.  What soon became apparent was that Google did not take into consideration the tiny narrow laneways lined with cafes and restaurants; the steep, congested stone steps; […]

When in Rome……

Rome Italy

“All the beauty and art of the world is there, and a lifetime isn’t long enough to enjoy it” said of Rome, from the Little Women Trilogy, Louisa May Alcott Rome – what a magnificent city!  It’s like being in a living museum and around every corner is a piece of history.  As they say, a […]