Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc

Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc will stay in my memory as one of the highlights of my life.  Starting in Chamonix, France, we walked to Switerland, then Italy before finishing back in Chamonix.  The scenery was amazing, at times breathtaking, and we were fortunate to have a dream run of beautiful summer weather.  The […]

Dubrovnik – blue skies, red roofs


According to Google maps it was only 170 metres from where the taxi dropped me off to the apartment that was to be home for the next four days in the walled city of Dubrovnik.  What soon became apparent was that Google did not take into consideration the tiny narrow laneways lined with cafes and […]

When in Rome……

Rome Italy

“All the beauty and art of the world is there, and a lifetime isn’t long enough to enjoy it” Said of Rome, from the Little Women Trilogy, Louisa May Alcott Rome – what a magnificent city!  It like being in a living museum and around every corner is a piece of history.  As they say, a […]

Sydney with kids


Sydney is the perfect city to enjoy a family holiday in, with so many things to do.  Be it indoors, or outdoors, there’s always something to entertain the kids.  All of these suggestions have been road tested by with me and some of my nieces and nephews – and they have given them all the […]

Baffling Burma, Magical Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar

I loved my visit to Myanmar, it’s a beautiful country full of surprises.  I went without knowing much beyond there were a lot of pagodas. What a wonderful surprise to discover such a diverse and fascinating place.  It’s magical and mystical, but at times completely baffling. Myanmar has a fascinating history.  With lots of natural […]

Discovering new cuisine in Myanmar


If you stop for a moment and imagine you are tasting a typical dish from Myanmar, what comes to mind?  If you’re anything like me, you can’t imagine much about the cuisine at all.  So what a wonderful surprise to discover such a diverse and delicious array of fresh and tasty food.  Influenced by its […]

The pull of Inle Lake – hard to leave!

Inle Lake

Inle Lake was where we finished our hike, so we finished walking, stepped into our boat and motored our way across the freshwater lake.  The second largest in Myanmar with a surface area of around 116 square kms, we had a peaceful ride for around an hour.  It was our first glimpse of the traditional […]

Hiking from Kalaw to Inle Lake, Shan State

Kalaw, Myanmar

Flying into Heho airport, we could see below us a patchwork landscape, fields of every crop imaginable.  We had arrived in Shan State, the food bowl of Myanmar, producing about 60% of Myanmar’s food.  We were soon to be amongst those fertile fields as we embarked on our next adventure – hiking from Kalaw to […]

Beautiful Bagan – pagodas, balloons, and sunsets

Bagan, Myanmar

Known as one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites, the reason to visit Bagan is for the pagodas.  There are thousands of them, seemingly dotted at random over a 26 square mile radius.  Over 2000 pagodas remain, however originally there were nearly 4500 built by kings in the 11th and 13th centuries.  Catholics go to confession, […]

Adventurous eating in Laos…or not

It wasn’t an auspicious start to my eating adventures in Laos when my guide, Po, brought up dogs. “Tourist always ask me,” he mentioned in passing, “do you eat dogs?” I didn’t really want to know the answer to this. “Of course we don’t eat our dogs…..we eat our neighbours’!” He laughed heartily at his […]