Galle, Sri Lanka

The beautiful fortress city of Galle

Galle is a beautiful old fortress city dating back to around the 13th century, and was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1988. It’s most famous for the Fort built by the Dutch when they took over from the Portuguese in the late 17th century. It’s very picturesque, with streets made for aimless wanderings, which is exactly how I spent the day.

Its colonial history make for a fascinating architectural hodge-podge, and a surfeit of museums and historical sites to visit. I only visited one, the National Maritime Museum. Set in an old warehouse, the building itself is beautiful, and the museum wasn’t too bad either.

Then I drifted up and down the streets, admiring the buildings, looking at jewellery, art and crafts shops, or walking around the city on the ramparts. It was a lovely way to spend the day.


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