Newcastle, Australia

Beach time at Newcastle

Newcastle was supposedly home to beautiful beaches and a laid back cafe culture – also known as my favourite things, so a weekend away sounded just the ticket.

The weather was glorious, so easy to spend several hours walking around the coast and exploring the beaches. Newcastle’s beaches are truly stunning, some of the best that I’ve come across. I walked first to Newcastle beach, and eating breakfast across the road a busy cafe, a great place to start your day. This beach has beautiful golden sand and blue clear water, and at that hour of the day, mainly just seagulls and some dedicated surfers. Compared to the city beaches that I had visited in Sydney, it was blissfully empty.

I continued my walk, up to the Bogey Hole. The Bogey Hole, besides being a hilarious name for a swimming hole, was created in the early 1800s by convicts, who cut into the rocks to make a private pool for Major James Morrisset. Where the name the “Bogey Hole” comes from however is anyone’s guess. It is a gorgeous spot and the perfect place for a quick dip. It beats every infinity pool I’ve ever seen. My only tip for future visitors to the Bogey Hole is beware of the green algae on the rocks – VERY slippery!


From there I kept on with my walk round the coast and went to Bar beach, and then on further to Mereweather beach. Both beaches are within walking distance from the city, and what a treat for the local residents, as they are some of the nicest beaches I’ve ever been to. The Mereweather Ocean Baths are fantastic, and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. There are several separate pools, including a children’s pool and a pool with lanes for training.

My self-guided walking tour then took me down Darby Street. I had been promised eclectic boutiques and the heart of Newcastle’s coffee scene, and wasn’t disappointed. I stopped off for lunch a cute cafe, sat in the window and watched the world go by, sipping an excellent coffee and enjoying a delicious salad.



My verdict on Newcastle is that it is well worth a visit – I liked it a lot. It’s a small and friendly city, with some of the nicest and most accessible and stunning beaches I’ve seen.  That coupled with excellent food and coffee made it a great experience and a wonderful weekend away.

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