• Yangon, Myanmar

    Baffling Burma, Magical Myanmar

    I loved my visit to Myanmar, it’s a beautiful country full of surprises.  I went without knowing much beyond there were a lot of pagodas. What a wonderful surprise to discover such a diverse and fascinating place.  It’s magical and mystical, but at times completely baffling. Myanmar has a fascinating history.  With lots of natural […]

  • Myanmar

    Discovering new cuisine in Myanmar

    If you stop for a moment and imagine you are tasting a typical dish from Myanmar, what comes to mind?  If you’re anything like me, you can’t imagine much about the cuisine at all.  So what a wonderful surprise to discover such a diverse and delicious array of fresh and tasty food.  Influenced by its […]

  • Inle Lake

    The pull of Inle Lake – hard to leave!

    Inle Lake was where we finished our hike, so we finished walking, stepped into our boat and motored our way across the freshwater lake.  The second largest in Myanmar with a surface area of around 116 square kms, we had a peaceful ride for around an hour.  It was our first glimpse of the traditional […]

  • Kalaw, Myanmar

    Hiking from Kalaw to Inle Lake, Shan State

    Flying into Heho airport, we could see below us a patchwork landscape, fields of every crop imaginable.  We had arrived in Shan State, the food bowl of Myanmar, producing about 60% of Myanmar’s food.  We were soon to be amongst those fertile fields as we embarked on our next adventure – hiking from Kalaw to […]

  • Bagan, Myanmar

    Beautiful Bagan – pagodas, balloons, and sunsets

    Known as one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites, the reason to visit Bagan is for the pagodas.  There are thousands of them, seemingly dotted at random over a 26 square mile radius.  Over 2000 pagodas remain, however originally there were nearly 4500 built by kings in the 11th and 13th centuries.  Catholics go to confession, […]

  • Adventurous eating in Laos…or not

    It wasn’t an auspicious start to my eating adventures in Laos when my guide, Po, brought up dogs. “Tourist always ask me,” he mentioned in passing, “do you eat dogs?” I didn’t really want to know the answer to this. “Of course we don’t eat our dogs…..we eat our neighbours’!” He laughed heartily at his […]

  • Luang Prabang

    Charmed in Luang Prabang

    I have always had a hankering to go to Luang Prabang, so with a few days up my sleeve, and being in the neighbourhood (or near enough), I took a short plane ride to Laos.  New day, new year, new country! A charming and sleepy little town, which was once the capital and seat of […]

  • Bangkok by bike

    Bangkok by bike

    Given Bangkok’s notoriously bad traffic, exploring the city by bike is not the first thing that springs to mind.  However I had explored Bangkok’s main tourist sights on previous visits and I was keen to get behind the scenes and see everyday Bangkok life. The bike tour started in the Phranakorn neighbourhood, home to a […]

  • Hong Kong

    A weekend in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong had been on my wish list for quite some time, and finally I had the opportunity to get there.  It was only a short visit, however like a metaphor for Hong Kong itself, it may have been a small window into the city but it was action-packed and filled with variety. I arrived early on Friday evening, and […]

  • Japan

    Welcome to Japan: Weird & Wonderful

    “In Japan, you have no idea what they are saying, and they can’t help you either.  Nothing makes any sense.  They’re very polite, but you feel like a joke is being played on you the entire time you’re there” Bill Murray This was my first visit to Japan.  I wasn’t sure what to expect. So […]

  • Miyajima Island

    Miyajima & Hiroshima

    I always thought that Hiroshima was known for all the wrong reasons, however recently I’ve come to think that maybe it’s not.  As terrorist attacks become almost common place in major cities around the world, and every day the news start with a story of a new atrocity, maybe we should be thinking more about […]

  • Kyoto, Japan

    Kyoto: Temples, Shrines, Forests & Geisha

    The Fushimi-Inari Shrine is one of the most well-known images of Japan, and rightfully so, it’s spectacular.  There are hundreds of orange vermilion torii gates, which form a pathway that unbeknownst to me, lead to the top of Mount Inari.  It was an unexpected burst of exercise to start the day and certainly one way to […]

  • Food tour, Kyoto

    Eating and drinking in Japan

    I love getting to know different cultures and I don’t think that there’s a better way to do so than through food.  I got the perfect introduction to both Japanese food and sake through a tour that I had booked with Jason, an American from Minnesota who has been living in Kyoto with his Japanese wife for […]

  • Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo: Raw fish for breakfast

    For a city of around 13.5 million people, I was surprised how quiet Tokyo was when I landed.  Admittedly, it was very early, around 4.45 am, however I soon discovered that nothing much seemed to happen before 9.00 am or even later. My first stop was to the Tsukiji fish market.  The largest wholesale fish market […]

  • Borobudur sunrise

    Sunrise in Breathtaking Borobudur

    TheBuddhist temple at Borobudur is one of the most well-known attractions in Central Java, Indonesia. Built in the 9th Century, the temple complex looked stunning, and our mission was to visit at sunrise.   The alarm went off at 3.30 and it didn’t feel like I had been asleep for long. Soon enough though I […]

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View from a plane at sunset

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”
-Jawaharlal Nehru

This beautiful quote is my mantra, and it's what this site is all about – travelling the world and finding the beauty, charm and adventure in the wonderful world that we live in.

Enjoy.....and happy travels!


Lapland, Finland

Finnish Lapland – a true winter wonderland

It’s hard packing for the opposite season at the best of times.  Given it was 40 degrees in Sydney, and -19 degrees in the Finnish Lapland, it was hard to get my head around. I packed layers of thermals, jackets, woollens, hats, scarves, gloves with sweat prickling between my shoulder blades.  It felt surreal. Arriving in […]

Tour du Mont Blanc

2017 Travel Highlights

I had a bumper year of travel highlights in 2017, visiting three continents and nine countries: Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy and France.  I was lucky to not only to explore so many new destinations, but also revisit some old favourites.  It was easy to rediscover the beauty, charm and adventure […]

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome – the Eternal City

Visiting Rome you can choose to visit any number of ancient sites, temples or churches  However one of the best things about the city is that you don’t really have to spend much money at all to enjoy it.  You can wander aimlessly and soak up the atmosphere of the cobbled laneways.  The thrill of […]

Vatican Museums Rome

A visit to the Vatican

The Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Basilica is a highlight for visitors to Rome.  It’s an overwhelming feast of the senses, a visual spectacular that simply can’t be missed.  This however means that on a bad day, there will be just you and 25,000 others traipsing through the corridors and crowding around the exhibits. Do […]

Lucerne Switzerland

Switzerland the beautiful

It was my first visit to Switzerland and while it might be a cliche, but it’s beautiful and I was completely bowled over by it.  The mountains, the lakes, the stunning green landscapes or the charming old towns.  It’s fresh, clean, picturesque at every turn. Zurich I only a few hours to explore Zurich. I […]